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Our Modules

Module 1

  • What is Digital Marketing
  • Why Digital Marketing
  • Traditional v/s Digital Marketing
  • What is Marketing
  • Marketing process
  • Values and Satisfaction in service industry
  • Selling v/s Marketing
  • Media selection
  • Strategic implementation of Marketing Mix and PLC
  • Types of consumer market customers and their buying decision process
  • Organizational buying decision process
  • How to define annual marketing budget
  • Bases for Segmentation
  • Targeting and Positioning
  • Positioning errors
  • Gap model
  • Dimensions to create a brand

Module 2

  • How to build an effective website
  • Steps to build a marketing-oriented website
  • How to choose website development company
  • Types of website
  • Client-server architecture
  • Basic terminologies of networking
  • Network protocols
  • How to select domain name
  • Domain name reselling
  • Types of server web space
  • Cpanel operation and file management
  • What is HTML and its editors
  • HTML structure
  • HTML tags and attributes
  • Understanding CSS

Module 3

  • What is online search
  • What is engine
  • What is optimization
  • What is Search engine
  • History of Search Engine
  • History of core Google updates
  • Segmentation based on search behaviour
  • What is SEO
  • Understanding WWW
  • How search engine works (context of Google)
  • Understanding web crawlers and its activity
  • Search process
  • Keywords – Lifecycle, Types, Classification
  • Sources of keywords
  • LSI keywords
  • BERT and SMITH updates
  • Types of SEO
  • Top black hat and white hat SEO techniques
  • On-page SEO techniques
  • Off-page SEO techniques
  • Sitemap
  • Robot exclusion standard
  • Redirection of pages
  • Open Graph Protocol
  • Setting up different types of schema
  • Understanding Accelerated Mobile Pages
  • SEO of WordPress website
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Google My Business
  • Bing places
  • Yoast Configuration
  • RankMath Configuration
  • Post and Page optimization
  • Permalink optimization
  • Media optimization

Module 4

  • What is Search Engine Marketing
  • Strategy and Search marketing
  • Types of ads
  • When to run ad campaigns
  • 5 pillars of Google ads success
  • Ad Rank
  • Ad Rank Thresholds
  • Quality score
  • Understanding search ads
  • ‘Campaigns’ in Google ads
  • ‘Ad groups’ in Google ads
  • Google ads goals
  • Campaign types
  • How to optimize and run ad campaigns: search, display, shopping, video, smart, discovery, app promotion, local store visits and promotions
  • Conversion setting
  • Creating remarketing list
  • How to run dynamic display ad campaign
  • Setting up Google Merchant Centre
  • Keyword planner to forecast keywords
  • Reports in Google Ads

Module 5

  • Introduction to design
  • Color Theory
  • Font Psychology
  • How to create Ad Images that gets clicks
  • Social Media creatives – Do’s & Don’ts
  • Online tools and websites for designing
  • Basics of Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator

Module 6

  • Why Social Media
  • Social media history
  • Facebook:
    • Why Facebook
    • Facebook engagement model
    • Facebook Business page types
    • Optimizing business page – checklist
    • How to get organic page likes
    • Types of posts
    • Facebook Insights
    • Setting up pixel – base and event specific
    • Setting up offline audience
    • Retargeting list
    • Facebook ad campaigns – planning and execution
    • Monthly editorial
  • Instagram:
    • Decoding Instagram algorithm
    • How to get organic results
    • Instagram post funnel
    • Instagram story funnel
    • Story design apps
    • How to generate and use Hashtags
    • Analytics
    • Monthly editorial
  • LinkedIn
    • Optimizing LinkedIn profile
    • Decoding profile algorithm
    • Steps to create awesome master profile
    • Business page for marketing
    • Optimizing business page
    • Showcase page
    • Optimizing group
    • Analytics
    • LinkedIn Ads planning and execution
    • Custom audience
    • Remarketing list
    • Conversion setting
    • Monthly editorial
    • Twitter:
    • Twitter profile optimization
    • Types of tweets to get organic result
    • Twitter funnel
    • Twitter tools
    • List creation and leveraging content
    • Moment creation and optimization
    • Analytics
    • Remarketing list
    • Conversion setting
    • Twitter Ads
    • Monthly editorial
    • Pinterest:
    • Why Pinterest for marketing
    • Profile optimization
    • Strategy to create boards that attract followers
    • How to get organic followers
    • Types of pins
    • How to optimize ‘Tried’
    • Understanding infographics
    • Infographics tools
    • Analytics
    • Monthly editorial
  • YouTube:
    • How to optimize YouTube channel
    • Optimization checklist
    • Optimization of info cards and end screen
    • Decoding algorithm
    • YouTube audience behavior
    • Algorithm factors correlating with YouTube search ranking
    • Competitor analysis tools
    • Tags and optimization tools
    • Algorithm hacks
  • Snapchat:
    • Type of content on Snapchat
    • Use of Features in Marketing
    • How to increase followers?
    • Location Map for Business
    • Bitmoji Avatar
    • ghostcodes – Follower’s purpose
    • Snapchat Ads – Instant & Advance
    • Geo Filter & Moment Filter
    • Must to-do list for business on Snapchat

Module 7

  • What is inbound marketing
  • Inbound methodology
  • What is content
  • 6WH model of content marketing
  • Identifying Buyers persona
  • Understanding Buying cycle
  • What is blog
  • Blog structure
  • How to write a successful blog
  • How to optimize blog for SEO
  • What is case study
  • Steps to write a case study
  • How to execute case study on website
  • Why Email
  • How to get Email IDs
  • Steps to start Email marketing
  • Email dripping model

Module 8

  • What is reputation
  • What is corporate reputation
  • How corporate reputation is built
  • Need of ORM
  • Why a company needs ORM
  • How to understand ORM
  • Benefits of ORM
  • Live cases of non-ORM
  • Reputation management steps
  • What and where to monitor
  • How to protect reputation
  • ORM tools

For Whom This Course is Designed?



College students from any specialization can apply for the course.


Self-employed professionals in their chosen fields can create their own internal workspaces to advance digitally.

Professionals & Entrepreneurs

Working professionals, small scale business owners, startup owners who are not able to find time to learn in classroom course.


Re-start your professional journey by developing the digital marketing skill by learning from your home.

How does Digital Marketing Help in
Personal Growth?


Learning digital marketing will benefit you in more ways than just your job or business. Additionally, it aids in developing your personal brand. Even if you dislike marketing, you need to have a strong online professional brand.

Industry Updates
Industry Updates
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Get updated with latest trends
Personal Brand
Personal Brand
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Digital presence with professional identity
Career Path
Career Path
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Define mission & vision clearly
Global Mentoring
Global Mentoring
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Mentor those who are not in vicinity
Follower Base
Follower Base
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Build a strong follower base
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Network with likeminded thought leaders

A professional strategy is needed when marketing your own firm. The business owner has no control over any other outlet besides digital media. Utilize digital media to the fullest extent possible, and learn tactical and strategic approaches to advance your company.

How does Digital Marketing Help in
Business Growth?


Marketing of own business requires a professional approach. Other than digital media, no other platform is under the control of the business owner. Take total charge of digital media and learn strategic and technical ways to take your business to another level.

With an experience training people since 2014, you will receive strong guidance and committed support to help you master the subject. Easy training methods, case studies, live projects and practical implementation makes it easy for anyone who joins the program.


Strategic Approach
Strategic Approach
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Business model & custom strategy building
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Most cost-effective marketing channel
Bang on Target
Bang on Target
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To attract and covert target audience
Great ROI
Great ROI
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High relevancy of return on investment
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Effectiveness of conversion
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Marketing round the clock
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On the Go analysis
Long Retention
Long Retention
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Client engagement
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Job Placement Assistance to The Trainees After Course
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Years of Collective Team Experience
MOUs Signed With Top Colleges & Universities
Months Internship on Live Project During Training

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Chief Trainer and Mentor

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Trainer - SEO and WordPress

Reshma Rohida

Manager – Social Media and Creative Design

Siddhi Jain

Trainer - Social Media Marketing

Isha Modi

Trainer - Digital Strategies

Manisha Srivastava

Asst.Trainer-HTML & SEO and Coordinator-Internship

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